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Rainforest Mushrooms Dominica

Rainforest Mushrooms Dominica is a beautifull place to visit and learn about agroforestry, gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation, edible and medicinal plants in the rainforest and sustainable lving. Please contact us at or call 767-449-1836 or 767-295-7286



Rainforest Mushroom Organic Farm Tour

“We would like to invite you to our mushroom farm, art and craft boutique and wild agouti sanctuary; located within the buffer zone of the Morne Trois Piton World Heritage Site, protected by the United Nations. We share knowledge we have gathered from living in a symbiotic relationship with the rainforest for over 30 years with the awareness that the rainforest and mountains provide our living and spiritual enhancement.” – The Luke family.



You start to feel cool and calm walking down the stone path ………

……….. water is all around as three 3 streams flow through the land

 ………. parrots fly and squawk overhead

 ………. humming birds flit from bloom to bloom

 ………. wild agoutis peep out and on occasions come out to play

 ………. the eerie call of the mountain whistler floats out of the forest

 ………  warm fragrant spicy sweet rainforest smells abound

 ………. beautiful bromeliads and exotic orchids bloom


During the tour we ………

………. are greeted with bush tea and a welcome talk (introductions;  rainforest preservation; sustainable living in the rainforest; mushroom library)

……… view a power point presentation on growing mushrooms (learn about mushroom cultivation start to finish)

………. tour the laboratory; dark room (Spawn propogation, tissue culture and cloning of mushroom mycelium cultures in sterile environment. Species bank.)

………. walk through the greenhouse and forest plantings – (mountain spring water misting system; stages of cultivation process including techniques designed by Rainforest Mushrooms)

………. hear traditional lore of the rainforest – (identify trees; non forest timber products; medicinal and aromatic herbs; birds and their habitats; the flora and fauna)

………. relax with a short rainforest meditation (rainforest quiet time)


You can also choose to ……….

………. share a meal with the family (Vegan ‘Ital’ with fresh organic local foods. discussions on what we eat; how we prepare it; the nutritional and medicinal value)

………. Cooking Workshops (Cacao Processing; Cooking with Coconut; Mushroom Cuisine; Vegan Caribbean Cooking)

………. musical jam session with Brother Mathew; The Incense Man; local musician and poet (try local indigenous instruments; lose yourself in the reggae beat)

………. practice Yoga IN the Rainforest with Trudy Scott Prevost of Rainbow Yoga; (gaze at the roots of the forest or the upper canopy as you move the body with the breath; communicate with nature in an intimate way)



Time Activity
Group 10 US Description
60 min Transfer   $100 Ross to Pond Case
11:00 am30 min Welcome 15 $150  
11:30 Power Point Display 0 $0  
  Laboratory 0 $0  
  Greenhouse 0 $0  
  Rainforest Interpretive Walk 0 $0  
12:30 pm1 hour Yoga in the Rainforest $10 $100 Focus: relaxing into the poses, full body awareness, breath, flexibility, mind, breath, body connection while experiencing the rainforest.
1:30 pm1 hour Lunch $13 $13 Vegan Ital with fresh organic local foods. Presentation: what we eat; how we prepare it.
1 hour Cooking Class/Hike $10   Nutritional value. Preparation.
1 hour Cultural music session $10   Mathew Luke, internationally recognized poet, musician and performer; provides instruments to guests, encouraging all to join in a song and dance session with a coal pot fire blazing.
  Transfer     Pond Case to Ross
Varies Hike Varies   Emerald Pool: easySpanny’s Falls: mediumMount Trois Piton Trail: challenging


Sustainable Living IN the Rainforest

We are not inside looking out, we are all...inside.

We are not inside looking out, we are all...inside.

Sustainable living IN the Rainforest is about awareness of how all the  “Living Others” feel about how things  are going. We may want more sunshine but is that best for everyone concerned, trees, crabs, agoutis, birds, seeds, streams. They all have their opinion and it is to be honored.

Hello from Rainforest Mushrooms in Dominica

We have been growing mushrooms in Dominica as a model farm showing sustainable living and farming in the buffer zone of the World Heritage Site Morne Tois Pitons for the past 20 years.  Our farm tour shows the  complete mushroom growing proces, spawn laboratory and explains the symbiotic spiritual relationship we have with the forest. We  have three  artists  in residence creating fine art  and inspirational paintings, calabash and wood carvings, art wear.  World famous  musician and poet Brother Matthew Luke creates indigenous musical instruments, incense and essential herbal oils and medicine. We want to invite you to visit our home, family owned and operated farm, boutique and art studio. It would be fun to communicate with other organic farmers especiallymushroom growers.